RecPlus Evaluations Continue June 26 and June 27 at Chaptico Park
Please review schedule carefully!

The St. Mary's Soccer RecPlus evluations continue on Tuesday June 26th and Wednesday 27th. The schedule for which age group on which date is posted below. The North/Central and South/Central groups will be kept separate for this evaluation, even though they will be at the same location and in some cases may share a field.  Chaptico Park has the ability to provide appropriate field space for the evaluations.  There will be a table for North/Central check in and a separate table for South/Central Check in for any players who did not attend the June 16th evaluation.  If you attended the evaluation on June 16th, please go directly to the field noted on the schedule for your age group/gender. There will be a representative at each field to make sure players get to the correct group.  

Due to United States Youth Soccer (USYS) recommendations for age groups, St. Mary’s Soccer will be updating the age bands for the recreational and RecPlus programs beginning in the Fall 2018. St.  Mary’s Soccer intent is to have teams for boys and girls in the following age groups:

U8          4v4 w/Goal Keeper*

U10        7v7

U12        9v9

U14        11v11

U16        11v11*

* RecPlus is hoping to form both the U8 age division and the U16 age division for both boys and girls, but the number of teams participating from St. Marys, Waldorf and Laplata will dictate the final outcome of whether or not those age divisions will be formed. 

Please arrive 30 minutes prior to your evaluation to check in and get your field assignment. 

June 26th (Tuesday) Evaluation Session begins at 6:30PM  and will end at 8:00PM

U08 Boys (Birth year 2011/2012)  Chaptico Field #3 North and South

U10 Boys (Birth year 2009/2010) Chaptico Field #4 North

U10 Boys (Birth year 2009/2010) Chaptico Field #5 South

U12 Girls (Birth year 2007/2008 ) Chaptico Field #2 North and South

U14 Boys (Birth year 2005/2006) Chaptico Field #1 North and South

U16 Girls (Birth year 2003/2004) Chaptico Field #9 North and South


June 27th (Wednesday) Evaluation Session begins at 6:30PM and will end at 8:00PM

U08 Girls (Birth year 2011/2012) Chaptico Field #3 North and South

U10 Girls (Birth year 2009/2010) Chaptico Field #5 North and South

U12 Boys (Birth year 2007/2008 ) Chaptico FIeld Field #2 North and South

U14 Girls (Birth year 2005/2006) Chaptico Field #1 North and South

U16 Boys (Birth year 2003/2004) Chaptico Field #9 North and South


The registration link is here   RecPlus Registration Please note online registration will close at 3pm on Tuesday June 26th, Anyone not registered online will be able to register inperson at check in. 

PLAYER REGISTRATION. Registering online for the RecPlus evaluations does not register your player for the Fall or Spring season. All RecPlus teams will be posted to the website no later than July 10th.  Registering for RecPlus evaluations on line will greatly reduce your time in line on evaluation day.

COACH SELECTION.  RecPlus coaches are experienced coaches with above average qualifications and generally hold at least a USSF "E" license or equivalent.

PLAYER EVALUATIONS (TRYOUTS):   Since no players are ever “cut” from the recreational soccer program, it is inaccurate to use the term “tryout.”  We hold player evaluations to determine player placement – on either a recreational or RecPlus team.  Prior to each Fall season, a minimum of two RecPlus evaluation sessions will be held before Fall registration. These evaluations will determine which interested players are eligible for the RecPlus division.  The coaches selected for the upcoming season will evaluate each player based on an evaluation format and rating form.  A supplemental evaluation may be held prior to the Spring season to fill roster slots created by departing players.

PLAYER PLACEMENT:  Players will be placed on teams through a modified draft procedure. 

SEASON:  Each RecPlus team roster is selected prior to the Fall season and will stay together through the end of the following Spring season.

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